The recently hot meta-universe aggregator – HY, I’ll take you to find out

Recently, there has been an explosion in the ecosystem of Cryptocurrency, blowing the whistle on the rise of the Resistance. The result was the start of an increase in liquidity mining, which has since seen many traces and an exponential increase in hundreds of non-direct investment products. YH (hereinafter referred to as Galaxy), as the world’s first large-scale aggregated ecological application platform integrating DeFi, NFT, meta-universe and cross-chain ecology, adopts a modular design concept and is creating a revolution and pattern of digital assets in traditional culture through a liquidity application chain based on blockchain digital assets based on the enormity of digital assets, data value, so that the elements are combined like Lego to Creating to an ecosystem of blockchain applications that anyone can participate in!

Following the announcement that Facebook, the sixth largest company in the world by market capitalisation, has changed its name to Meta, the meta-universe has become the main focus of the social media giant moving forward. The metaverse is not limited to the Internet, but is a series of high technology “links” that may bring new species beyond people’s imagination, and YH is following the trend of the industry to enter the metaverse field, and will create a metaverse ecology that will make the connection between reality and virtual more efficient and of higher quality. YH’s technology team is not only empowering the metaverse through the underlying architecture of blockchain’s distributed, decentralised, tamper-evident and smart contracts, but also accelerating the construction of a metaverse financial transaction system through the DeFi ecosystem, and combining the advantages of NFT It also combines the advantages of NFT to ensure the uniqueness of virtual goods’ rights and property rights, perfectly creating an independently functioning economic system.


Recently, the founder of YH tweeted a question to Taylor Monahan, the founder and CEO of MyCrypto and a core developer of ethereum, in response to the question “Which YH application surprised you the most?” Grisa Cerne was adamant that “Meta-Universe”! YH, which currently focuses on NFT and the meta-universe, is scheduled to go live in the third quarter, and while on the surface it’s full of hotness and firepower, digging deeper is worth thinking about.

YH brings together senior technical talents from the US, UK, Singapore and other countries, all of whom are experienced early explorers of the industry! Focusing on the development of blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other fields, YH’s high starting point is determined by strength, power and financial resources. The team’s strong R&D capability fits the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence to create new applications on the ground, and YH will sign strategic cooperation agreements with top leading companies in the target industry, which will provide strong support for YH to cut into the target industry, so as to truly promote YH + Yuan The practical implementation of the metaverse application.

The emergence of metaverse in this era has given users a new experience and developers a new opportunity. The YH platform also sees this opportunity, which is why it has chosen to open up and empower developers. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. Providing developers with more open tools and capabilities is the equivalent of giving them weapons with which they can innovate. With the YH platform as the cornerstone of innovation, developers can create a vast amount of new ideas and technologies, and they can create not only the meta-universe, but also the whole universe in the ocean of digital and intelligence.

In the future, while comprehensively developing the meta-universe ecology, the YH platform will open a global creation community fission plan, continue to make efforts in DApp ecology, cross-chain technology, landing applications, compliance development, government-enterprise cooperation and community expansion, promote sustainable development strategies and continue to expand its global footprint!

Author: Johnny Deep