The DAO has been favored by many internationally renowned investment institutions.

According to relevant media reports, The DAO has won the favor of international investment institutions, and a number of industry leading institutions have offered olive branches to DAO.


The DAO is an autonomous community organization founded by a group of geeks based on their vision of web3.0 who focuses on solving the problem that the Internet oligopoly monopolizes industry resources and mining machine energy recycling, in order to reduce global carbon emissions.


After announcing its future strategic plan at the press conference,The DAO won the attention of many international investment institutions, including CJ GROUP, MAGIC EDEN, Block sync, ATARI, Sol shop, INB Block chain, Safe Pal, Chain link, etc.


In the next time, The DAO will carry out technical research and development on Web3.0 applications.The DAO publicity conference represents that the heads of the investment industry are focusing on The DAO, and they have high expectations for the future of The DAO.


At the same time, a large number of investment institutions in the area of block chain have offered olive branches to the DAO. Led by ZK Capital,  NGC Ventures, Moon rock Capital, Sign Capital and astronautcapital87 etc. have all expressed strong interest in the DAO.


Major international investment institutions all expressed that they look forward to reaching cooperation with the DAO , which is a new star of the star track, and achieving the future together. With the support of industry head resources, the DAO will further enrich and improve Web3.0, NFT and other links of the platform, and it will definitely become one of the most influential stars in the field.

Author: Johnny Deep