Lingose leads users into Web3 in a fast way

Lingose aims to establish a game ID system based on blockchain data.Provide qualification certificate by capturing users` behavior in Web3.0. Every step and achievement in Web3.0 game will be the users` own value embodiment and thus to better build their own Web3.0 indentity brand.

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In order to encourage users to improve their own qualification certificate and more comprehensively display users in gamefi. Lingose create an economic model of “Double NFT+Lingose Token+Governance Token”. Users can easily achieve “Click to Earn” while users improve their self-worth,

Lingose first launch 1000 identity NFTs in the early stage. Identity NFT will be divided into 5 levels: rookie, veteran, expert, master, and artist. Corresponding to different user attributes and rights, you can complete different levels of campaigns or complete the same campaign with different rewards coefficient. Subsequent identity NFTs will be launched in limited quantities. Users with different EXP levels can only buy identity NFTs of corresponding levels. Users need to use Governance Token LING to purchase identity NFT.


Users can get the Lingose Token LGT rewards after completing campaigns. LGT the Lingose platform Token, can greatly promote users to improve their behavior qualification. LGT can be used for the following:

1. Users can get corresponding rewards for completing each campaign.

2. Lingose platform campaign is divided into ordinary user zone and professional user zone. All users can participate in the campaigns in ordinary user zone and get LGT rewards. Users with identity NFT can participate in the campaigns in professional user zone and get LGT rewards;

3. Campaign is released by Lingose platform or Game publisher. Lingose platform will charge a certain service fee from Game publisher when release a campaign. Game publisher use LGT as a reward.

4. According to the corresponding type of campaign, each identity NFT can only do the same campaign once a day. Each identity NFT can do multiple different campaigns every day;

5. Lingose will cooperate deeply with Game publisher to set up game competitions for Lingose platform users. Users pay registration fees with LGT. Users who participate in the competition with excellent rankings can get great rewards;

6. Lingose platform will successively open Blind box, Game NFT trading. In order to increase the game experience for users.

Users can only get rewards from campaign after he obtained lingose’s identity NFT. Each campaign cost energy NFT. Energy NFT purchases different points according to different identities. Energy NFT needs to be purchased by Lingose Token LGT.

Ling, as the Governance Token of Lingose platform, Ling will focus on the whole ecology construction. A total supply of 10,000,000,000

tokens.Distributed as follows:

Allocation Segment Release Schedule
5% Seed Round 5% at TGE,followed by a 18-month equal quarterly unlocking
10% PE Round 10% at TGE,followed by a 18-month equal quarterly unlocking
7% Marketing Fully unlocked at TGE , release according to the market plan
10% Team Locked at TGE,followed by a 3-year equal quarterly unlocking
8% Staking & Liquidity rewards Locked at TGE,followed by a 3-year equal quarterly unlocking 

Rewards by the staking & Liquidity rules

15% Community Treasury Locked at TGE,followed by a 3-year equal quarterly unlocking
20% Ecosystem Fund Locked at TGE,followed by a 3-year equal quarterly unlocking
25% User Rewards Locked at TGE,followed by a 3-year equal weekly unlocking
  1. Users with specific NFT of Lingose platform can get Ling rewards, such as high-level identity NTF;
  2. Game publishers consume Ling to obtain platform value-added services. For example, promote products for specific user groups, selling NFT and blind boxes on Lingose platform;

3. Users need to consume Ling to obtain identity NFT;

4. Lingose platform will gradually add more usage of token Ling.


With the Double NFT + Double Token model, Lingose encourages users to improve their behavior qualification certificate. Users can use the obtained NFT qualification to enjoy the highlights brought by Web3.

In the future, Lingose will become a bridge between games and users. Achieve the direct communication between games and users. Users can directly find their favorite games on Lingose platform. Users can get more rights by the past behavior in web3.0. With the rapid growth of the increasing users, Lingose will bring more power to the game industry.

Author: Johnny Deep