Layer3 Ethereum cross-chain expansion solution officially launched on May 15

The Layer3 Ethereum cross-chain expansion solution was officially launched at 2:00 UTC on May 15th. Layer3 was jointly initiated by the chief scientist, cryptographer Ed Fairman and the academic research project team of Princeton University. It is committed to improving the throughput and scalability of the Ethereum network, and extending the application of DeFi, NFT, and the ETH expansion ecology of the Metaverse.
The contract operation mode of Layer3 is exactly the same as that of Ethereum. Anyone can start a brand new Layer3, enjoy faster and lower cost Ethereum services, and bring users a smooth transaction experience. It is reported that Layer3 has just completed the Istanbul upgrade and was invited to attend the community Ethereum development conference. The launch of the Layer3 Ethereum cross-chain expansion solution marks an important step in the expansion of the Ethereum network.

Author: Johnny Deep