Farming Hub, the most helpful tool for Chia, Chia forks and their ecosystem

In 2021, Chia has ushered in waves of continuous attention and enthusiasm. The world’s top technical teams, senior investment institutions, and hundreds of new companies at home and abroad have invested in the exploration and development of Chia’s ecological field, gradually forming a near-universal ecosystem. trillion-scale market. As the most innovative decentralized financial ecological platform in the world, Chia achieves the purpose of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency through its unique consensus algorithm. This feature will have a new impact on the future blockchain market, especially the traditional mining market!

Under the influence of the current environment, the green mining model is becoming the mainstream trend, and more and more people are joining the ranks. Chia, which has risen around the green mining market, has welcomed many participants. However, the further growth of the market not only depends on its own enrichment, but also cannot be separated from the maturity of the entire ecosystem.

The world’s leading Chia ecosystem information service platform, Farming Hub, Previous name is ChiaHub, was born. It is committed to building a hub and bridge between projects and users in the Chia ecosystem, providing the most complete and up-to-date ecological information services for Chia enthusiasts around the world.

The CHIA public chain has a series of characteristics such as distributed storage, green environmental protection, higher capacity, and faster speed that other public chains do not have. This determines that on the CHIA public chain, different applications in different scenarios will be able to burst out more Strong vitality, whether it is Defi, Layer2 or NFT, can get a broader imagination here.

For developers and many people involved in Chia, the existence of Chia ecological information navigation platform – FarmingHub ( also plays an important role.

Author: Johnny Deep